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Swap and sell your old designer clothes

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

silk missoni dress clothes swap

Silk Missoni Dress

Do you love wearing designer clothes? Most of us would love to be able to fill our wardrobes with lovely designer clothes each season, but in reality there are only a few who actually have enough money to do so. With the recession hitting many of us and our clothes spend, don’t despair, you can still have a great designer clothes filled wardrobe without filling for bankruptcy.

Investing in second hand designer clothes or swapping your old designer clothes is a much better way to look stylish on a budget than resorting to fast fashion clothes that are not good for the environment and are sometimes produced unethically. They are often poorly made in inferior fabrics and it will show when you wear them.

Firstly you should sort through any designer clothes that you no longer wear. These can then be listed on a clothes swapping website like All that you need is a photograph of the item and as much information as possible about it including the size, designer, fabric and details of the condition. It can also be useful to take a photograph of the label to show that the item is genuine.

Then comes the fun part. Browse for some lovely clothes that you would like and propose a swap or to buy.

Mary Queen of Charity Shops

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

I really enjoyed watching Mary Queen of Shops last night, when Mary had the unenviable task of sprucing up a charity shop in Orpington Kent. Not only was I interested to see the challenges that Mary faced trying  to apply her vast skills and experience of high end retail to charity retail with a team of dedicated volunteers to manage through the change process, but I was also really pleased to see that second hand clothes were being valued and not labelled as just a load of old rubbish. Mary has helped to change the perception of many people to buying second hand clothes in charity shops. The thought of getting a Jimmy Choo handbag at a fraction of it’s original price is bound to see fashionistas flocking to their local charity shops.

I loved the way that she change the look of the charity to shop to give the feeling of a vibrant market place and made sure that the clothes were sold at their real value. Even the fact that charity shops were chosen as a subject for the programme shows the growing interest in second hand and vintage clothes in the fashion world. When Mary said that charity shops had untapped potential she is only saying what many second hand and vintage enthusiasts have been thinking for years. Buy jazzing up charity shops (and I hope many more will follow suit), she may be pushing up the prices of second hand clothes but more importantly, she is opeing up charity shop shopping to a whole new group of shoppers, who are not serious rummagers but like their clothes to be arranged neatly in size order.

picture from

Rice and Beans Vintage - An Interview with Sarah Korsiak Cellier

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

women's vintage clothing

We were lucky enough to interview Sarah Korsiak Cellier of  Rice and Beans Vintage to find out a bit more about women’s vintage clothing and how it fits into her own unique style. Rice and Beans Vintage offers handpicked vintage and designer clothing to clients around the world. 

Rice and Beans is an interesting name for a vintage store, is there a story behind it?  

The name Rice and Beans Vintage comes out of a nickname that my now husband gave me a while back.  He used to call me Ms. Rice and Beans & according to him it is because of my sassyness (in a good way of course)!

How did you get started with vintage clothes? 

I have been wearing vintage clothing since I was around 10 years old.  I have always mixed vintage with modern clothing to create my own unique look.  I began dealing in vintage clothing about 7 years ago when I lived in San Diego and was studying to become an Acupuncturist!  I ended up choosing vintage & designer clothing over Acupuncture and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

What is it about vintage clothing that you like?

I love that vintage clothing has a story to tell, it has history, roots.  The great thing about wearing vintage is that you can pretty much bet that you won’t run into anyone else that day who is wearing the same thing as you!  I also really admire for the most part the quality of vintage clothing, from the cut of the pieces to the fabric. 

Do you have a particular period of vintage clothing that you love?

I can honestly say that there is something from every period of fashion that I have at one time or another fallin in love with.

What is you favourite vintage piece?

I own a Vintage 60’s bright abstract print brocade coat with rhinestone buttons that I had shortened to right below the knee.  I love it because it has a bright almost neon pink lining and looks fantastic with denim.

How old does a piece of clothing have to be to be described as vintage? 

I consider a piece to be “vintage” if it is Pre-90’s. 

How can you be sure that an item of clothing is vintage?

I am not a vintage expert, I would have to clock a few more years before I would consider myself “schooled” in vintage.  However, I do a lot of research and try to be as thorough as possible when dating and describing each vintage and designer piece at Rice and Beans Vintage.  You can tell a lot from a label about the age of a piece as well as the styling.

Vintage clothing is become increasingly popular, why do you think this is?

I think vintage clothing has become more and more popular for several reasons.  Firstly people are recognizing the environmental impact of the clothing industry and purchasing vintage and pre-loved designer clothing is a great way to help minimize the demand for more and more new pieces to be made.  Secondly I think there is an economic component to the whole vintage craze.  Let’s face it purchasing a Vintage Chanel bag can be much less costly than buying a brand new piece and again it’s got history.  I also know that people love vintage because it does set your look apart from everyone else and gives you the freedom to be creative with your look.  Isn’t that what fashion is all about?

picture - vintage floral cotton maxi dress from Rice and Beans Vintage

Fashion Fades Style is Eternal -Yves St Laurent

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Yves st laurent vintage

” Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal’ This well known quote by Yves St Laurent, one of the most celebrated and influential designers of the last 20 years, is so true. You don’t need to be fashionable to be stylish and being fashionable certainly doesn’t mean that you are stylish. Real style is timeless and that is precisely why pieces by key designers like Yves St Laurent are often worth as much and more many years after they were first designed and constructed.

This quote is a great way to explain why you can get such a stylish look by swapping and buying second hand clothes. But it is not just designer clothes like those by Yves St Laurent that are timelessly stylish, there are also clothes made more recently by high street shops that can be considered timeless and classic.  The best vintage and second hand clothing is carefully picked out by a process of stylish natural selection. Usually, it is the most stylish and quality pieces of clothing that stand the test of time. The pieces that were only desirable in the first place because they were the latest fashion are more than likely to fall by the wayside.

picture from

Second Hand Style Weekly

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Some more lovely pictures for this weeks second hand style weekly. You may have noticed that most of our pictures are from the US. Is this because the UK doesn’t have any second hand style? Surely not. If you have any pictures of lovely outfits that you have put together including one or more second hand or vintage items, please email them to us at, we will gladly link back to you.

second hand clothes

Another great picture from Pork Chop Rules on Flickr Wardrobe Remix. The pink looks great on her.

vintage boots,levis,Dior sweater from the thrift store 2.99

second hand clothes


Banana Republic Blazer - $6
Magazine brand polka-dot blouse - $3
Yellow leather handbag (weirdly, from Franklin Covey) - $4
Teal Fioni sandals (new) - $5

A lovely outfit from Karla of Karlas Bonanza - Karla explains why second hand blazers are great second hand buys, they are usually well made of sturdy fabric so do not suffer from piling, shrinkage etc,  they are not usually worn out as the styles change so often, women don’t usually wear them very much before recycling them.

Find Your Clothes Swapping Type

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Here is a summary of our favourite clothes swapping types. Which one are you?

The Social Swapper - you love swapping clothes because it is fun. You don’t really care what you end up with as long as you have a laugh in the process. Your ideal method of clothes swapping would be at a swishing party where you can have a drink and chat about your swaps with your friends or even meet new friends.

The Designer Doll - You love designer clothes and will leave no stone unturned in finding clothes by your favourite designer. You swap clothes by your favourite designers when you have run out of money to buy new designer clothes or as a way of getting more of your favourite designers clothes from past collections. Your swapping criteria is simple, if it has a designer label, it’s a deal.

The vintage vixen - you love anything vintage or vintage inspired. You regularly trawl vintage boutiques and charity shops in search of gorgeous and well preserved vintage items. You regularly swap items from your vintage wardrobe as a way of changing your look. Your key criteria when looking for a swap is if it is pre 1980’s, it’s a deal.

The frugal fashionista - you can’t resist a bargain and new ways to save money. Swapping old clothes that you no longer wear is a great way to refresh your wardrobe. If you are in need of an new evening dress or party dress, you see no reason to buy new. You even look for a second hand wedding dress when you get married, after all what is the point in starting married life with a load of debt.

The green goddess - All of your consumer choices are carefully considered to minimise your impact on the environment. You are all for sustainable clothing and swapping clothes ticks all your environmental boxes in terms of reducing waste and landfill and reducing the pollution and carbon foot print of clothing manufacture. Your idea of trendy designer clothing is a piece from the wave designers recycling materials and clothing into new designs.

The eclectic hunter - you love eclectic clothes and like to mix up different looks and styles. Clothes swapping is a great way for you to find more unique and unusual clothes than the current trends available in the high street shops. Your work on the basis that it is not just about what you wear, it is how you wear it.

It goes to show that there really is no one type of second hand clothes swapper. The only one thing that we all have in common is a love of stylish clothes.