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Sell your used and refashioned clothes

Friday, August 28th, 2009

You can sell your used and refashioned or recycled clothes on for free. Refashioning is a great way to create your own line of individual clothes. It is not only fun and good for the environment but it is also a great way to make money. If your old clothes are looking a bit out of date refashioning them is a great way to bring them right up to date. There are so many ways to refashion clothes including dying, embellishing, shortening and deconstructing and reconstructing them into a completely new piece of clothing.

You can also sell second hand, designer, high street and vintage clothes on

Set up your account today and start listing your items.

DIY Project - Refashioned and Recycled Jeans

Friday, August 21st, 2009

second hand clothes refashioned


second hand clothes refashioned

I recently posted about a DIY refashioning project where I used bleach to create patterns on T shirts and turn a boring plain t shirt into something a bit different. I have now tried out the same technique on a pair of old jeans. This a great way of breathing new life into a pair of faded black jeans. The bleach not only creates a great pattern on the jeans but also changes them from faded black to a nice grey colour. You can vary the colour of the jeans, the pattern and the contrast of the pattern depending on how long you leave the bleach for. For my refashioning project, I scrunched the jeans up and rolled in some neat bleach in the bottom of a washing up bowl, left for 2 or three minutes and then filled the bowl up with water before leaving for a further 10 minutes and rinsing well.

For a less striking pattern leave the neat bleach on for less time and for a lighter overall effect leave the jeans to soak in the diluted bleach for longer. There is a bit of trial and error involved. The first time, I didn’t get enough pattern had to try again.

Don’t forget to protect your clothes when using bleach and wear rubber gloves!

DIY Project - refashioned and recycled T shirts

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

We are pleased to present our first Posh Swaps DIY refashion project. We thought that we would start off with something fairly simple. We have refashioned two boring old t shirts/ tops by bleaching them. It can take a little bit of trial and error to get the desired effect, but it is really quite simple. We used some tops/ t shirts that we bought from a second hand shop for a few pounds.

All we did was to bundle the t shirts up and tie them loosely with string. We then covered our clothes with an apron to protect and donned some very attractive rubber gloves. We put a bit of bleach in the bottom of a washing up bowl and rolled the tops in the bleach. We left for about 3 or 3 minutes before topping the bowl up with water and leaving for another 10 minutes. We then cut the string and rinsed the tops really well.

For the eco friendly option, you can use an eco friendly bleach like Ecover.

This black top turned orange when bleached. I love the effect even if it does look a little like the hippy tie dye thing. It is worth experimenting with the amount of bleach coverage for different effects. A bit more bleach and this top would have been even more orange.

This orange t shirt changed yellow when bleached, making it a really colourful summer t shirt.

All Posh Swaps Refashion projects are available to buy on

Oxfam DIY and refashioned clothes

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Top designer & stylist, Mrs Jones has created a limited edition collection of only 30 reinvented Oxfam pieces that are on sale now in the Camden High Street Oxfam Store and Oxfam online. Each piece is made from second hand clothes so is completely unique and there is certainly nothing last year about these clothes. oxfam DIY refashion

Tie Dye Brittania - the all English sundress in trendy denim

Oxfam DIY refashion

Hats off to  monochrome - an incredible bustier dress in black and white

Oxfam DIY refashion


Shipmate Stripes and Shirts - sailors stripes and shirty checks.

Oxfam DIY refashion

Cheeky nautical stowaway - this striped mini declares ‘genius’ across the derriere

Oxfam DIY refashion

Eighties biker revival - embellished black leather bomber with black and white patch print leggings

Even if you don’t buy any of these, there are some great ideas for DIY projects that you could work on yourself. Don’t forget you can also buy and sell refashioned, reworked and restyled second hand clothes on Posh Swaps.

Recycled Clothes at Topshop by My Only One

Friday, August 7th, 2009

recycled clothes topshop my only oneJust incase you were in any doubt as to how trendy eco fashion is, it had now been confirmed by the launch of a collection made from recycled clothes at Topshop. Topshop is considered the most cutting edge and innovative of the high street fashion store and it’s introduction of a line of recycled clothing proves that being green is red hot. It follows in the footsteps of Oxfam’s recycled DIY collection which has recieved plenty of publicity lately.

The collection is by the Eco brand My Only One, that used second hand and women’s vintage clothing to create beautiful and fresh new designs. The ideas come from a team of innovative and emerging designers.

The collection will launch at the Oxford  Street store of Topshop and will be called Sport Noveau. It will feature stylishly reconstructed sportswear.

Junky Styling - Wardrobe Surgery

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

The lastest book on our must read list is this book for DIYers, restylers and refashioners. Junky Styling founded by Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager is one of our favourite ethical and eco labels. AFter recieving many compliments on their own restyled clothing, the girls set up the company, sourcing clothes from charity shops and jumble sales and deconstructing them to create something new. The original Junky Styling clothes were made from tailored suits and menswear reconstructed into twisted garments. Junky Styling now works from a workshop in Brick Lane with a talented team of designers producing all sort of collections. They also offer a service to redesign your old wardrobe by overhauling, customising or altering your garments.

The new book by the founders of Junky Styling features simple projects that show you how to reconstruct you wardrobe including step by step instructions on how to turn trousers into a fitted top.

We can’t wait to get started!

Crafty Clothes Swap

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

02 Jun 2009 20:00

Venue: Pink Bar, 93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane

The East London Craft Guerrilla are back in the Pink Bar at 93 Feet East holding the second of their monthly clothes swap on Tuesday 2nd June. Once again, ladies and gentlemen, fling open your drawers and bring all those clothes, shoes and accessories that you don’t wear anymore (although please make sure they’re clean and in good condition) and swap them for new ones! The Craft Guerrilla tutors will be available to help you pimp your new clothes with vintage buttons and other trimmings.

As with all our DIY Craft Nights, please feel free to bring your own projects. Foxed by a knitting pattern? Got your garter tangled with your stocking stitches? Running stitch run away with you? Want to learn how to darn / knit / crochet? Ask our tutors to help you out!

£5 cover charge if you’re taking part in the clothes swap or free entry if you’re bringing your own projects.

Please get there with your clothes by 8PM as the first hour will be spent hanging them up and eyeing up your potential swaps. Please bring at least one item to swap per person with a maximum of five items in total. The amount you bring is the amount you can take home.

Craft Guerrilla DJs: Masonic Boom / Anna / Dawn Chorus / Handsome Twins will provide some crafty beats while you knit, sew and pose in your new clothes.

For more information and to download the flyer click the image below or visit the events page at

A Vintage Refashion Group

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

I was really interested to read in my latest copy of Marie Claire (June 09) about the Vintage Clothes Girls. The article was about the groups, where like minded girls gather together, perhaps with a glass of wine to share and enjoy their hobbies. The book clubs and investment clubs that were popular in the ninties springs to mind. But more recently knitting groups have seen a huge rise in popularity. Perhaps a bit of girly chit chat and creativity is what we need to destress from our super fast and hectic lives. The groups in the Marie Claire article included handcrafters, novelists and photographers but it was the friends who meet every Tuesday night to refashion vintage clothes that really caught my interest.

What a great idea, each person turning up with a few second hand or vintage clothes and then bouncing ideas off each other before trying out their ideas and creating gorgeous clothes to wear. Each person in the group has their own unique style and so can bring different ideas along. The best part of it though is spending time with friends and turning old clothes into something new.

There are lots of great reasons to set up your own refashion group:

  • Many women lack social interactions and spend much of their life on a computer. Creating or joining a group is a great way to meet and interact with others. Human interactions are important for both happiness and health.
  • Attending a group and being creative is a great way to releave stress. It is therapeutic to be creative and slow down enough to think about your creations.
  • Discussing and sharing ideas on fashion and clothing is a great way to develop your own sense of style and find clothes that look great on you.
  • Refashioning second hand clothes is a great way to recycle and get your own free sustainable style.

If you would like to set up a group to refashion second hand or vintage clothes, let us know about it and we will post details here on our blog.

picture Annie’s in Camden Passage - from

10 Great Ideas for Recycling and Reworking Old Clothes

Monday, April 27th, 2009

picture from

How to update an 80’s Prom dress - Threadbanger

This post gives detailed instructions on how to restyle an old prom dress so that it looks really up to date. It also allows a bit of your own creativity for a completely unique prom dress. A great idea if you hahen be ve an old dress packed up in the attic, I also wondered whether this could be applied to an old or second hand wedding dress that could dyed to make a very special prom dress.

a Shrug and Skirt Set out of an Old Sweater - Threadbanger

This is a great way to restyle a sweater. The skirt looks quite short but would look good worn with leggings. The shrug would look great with a vest top or a dress.

Board Shorts out of an old suit - Threadbanger

I love this idea, it could also be adapted to use a floral material, or whatever material you like for some different tailored shorts for the office.

A recycled necktie scarf - Craft Stylish

A great way t recycle old silk ties into a gorgeous scarf. You can pick the patterns / colours for the look that you would like to achieve.

Refashion a boring cardigan - Craft Stylish

This shows how to get a plain and boring cardigan and make it into something really different and unique. I love the colours of the cardigan.

Refashioned Blouse - this mama makes stuff

a great way to turn a shapeless blouse into a more fitted style and adjust the sleeves. This post shows how you can change or customise something if you don’t like it.

Refashioned denim skirt - Burda Style

Add new life to a denim skirt. The frills and paint give it a really up to date and cutting edge feel.

Vintage Lace Tank Top - Into the fray

Yet another great idea for making something very ordinary look special. I love the lace used on this one but you could use whatever trim you like.

Embroidered Hoody - Burda Style

A great way to recycle an old hoody. Again this technique could be used for all sorts of things including t shirts and polo shirts. You can really get creative.

Recycle old jeans into sandals - Wikihow

This video made by the shows you exactly what to do to make your old jeans into sandals. A great idea for  an old pair of jeans that has worn out and is no longer wearable.

Restyled Recycled Greek Goddess Dress

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

I love the one shouldered dresses that are in the shops at the moment. I decided to have a go at making one myself using a dress that I bough from a charity shop for £5. It was a fairly easy project and only took an hour or two (not great pictures I am afraid but I hope to invest in a better camera soon). The dress was a navy long/ maxi style with an empire line. This is how I restyled and recycled it into a one shouldered dress.

1. I tried it on and worked out where to cut.

2. I finished the cut edge by turning over twice pressing and sewing.

3. I sewed part of an old scarf along the neckline.

4. I finished the cut edge of the other half of the scarf, tied around the empire line of the dress and secured with a few stitches on each side.

recycled restyled clothes

recycled restyled clothes

recycled restyled clothes

There are endless possibilities for restyling clothes into one shouldered dress or tops. You could embellish with all sorts of ruffles, flowers, patterned or contrasting trims made using a piece of clothing that is no longer wearable.