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Watch Your Footprint!

Monday, December 16th, 2013

No one really likes to leave a messy footprint behind and for many the environmental footprint left by the clothes and shoes that they wear is getting more and more important. Fashion has a huge impact on the environment and on the lives of those working the supply chain but there are now many more eco friendly choices out there to choose from. One high street and online retailer in the UK that offers some eco friendly shoe choices is Jones Bootmaker.

Here are some of the shoe brands that we loving for both their style and minimalistic (environmental) footprint!

Timberland is definitely up there with best in terms of innovative design. The Timberland Earthkeepers collection is made from sustainable materials included recycled PET (that’s plastic drink bottles!) and organic materials. Did you know that the use of recycled materials in Timberland products has already saved more 75 million plastic bottles from landfill? Their innovative fabrics ensure that looking after the environment does not mean compromising on performance or comfort of their shoes. The Timberland Earthkeeper collection represents their most eco friendly product line and is also their fastest growing line.

Pikolinos is  a Spanish brand making beautiful shoes with great attention to detail. The brand manages the tanning of its leather in house to ensure that manage to ensure the high quality that is synonomous with the brand.

Clarks shoes are showing their commitment to the environment by ensuring that the leather used to make their shoes does not come from cattle that has been raised in the Amazon Biome. They also work with the Leather Working Group to promote a strategy for zero deforestation of the rain forests. The Leather Working Group also assesses tanneries to ensure sustainable practices in the footwear sector.

What do you think of these brands? are you concerned about the footprint of your clothes and shoes?