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Style Eyes Fashion Blog Goes Green

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Style Eyes Fashion Blog is the latest in a number of designers, celebrities and fashion bloggers to switch their focus to green and ethical fashion. The blog has also changed its name to Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog can now be found at
Ceri Heathcote, founder of Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog, made the change after realising that there was more to looking stylish than constantly buying cheap bad quality fast fashion. She discovered that it is possible to combine a love of fashion with charity shop, second hand, vintage and ethical clothing. She has also joined the army of fashionistas who are getting creative to refashion and upcycle old clothes for a unique and sustainable alternative to shopping on the high street and sharing their creations through online social networks.
Ceri says “How could I enjoy wearing and writing about clothes that had been made at the expense of both people and the planet? Blogging about second hand and ethical fashion is the perfect way to indulge my love of clothes without any guilt and hopefully inspire others to get involved too.”

Future plans for the Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog include a monthly new letter with ethical fashion news, tips and offers, plus affordable ethical fashion and vintage clothing guides.

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4 Modern Classic Pieces For Summer

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

sheath dresses

Trends are great but they come and go. If you are a true follower of fashion you will need to update your wardrobe constantly to keep up with the latest fashions and trends. If everyone shopped in this way it would have a huge impact on the environment with a high carbon footprint and lots of waste.

Classic pieces of clothing are a great way to build a timeless wardrobe that will effortlessly take you from season to season on style. Most pieces of clothing that have earnt ‘classic’ status have done so for a really good reason. They are usually incredibly flattering and wearable pieces. But if you are worried you will look dated in classic clothes, don’t be. You can pick out some amazing modern classics that combine timeless style with a modern twist. You can also keep your look on trend by adding fashionable accessories. Here are our favourite 4 modern classic pieces.

Sheath Dresses - the sheath dress is a style which has been made popular by Victoria Beckham. It is simple but very stylish and suitable for an range of different occasions.

The Wide Legged Trousers - these are such a flattering cut of trousers, they will never go out of fashion. Whilst peg legged, skinny and harem trousers have come and gone out of fashion wide legged trousers have remained a firm favourite with so mnay stylish women.

The Classic Blazer - you really  can’t go wrong with a classic cut blazer. It is one of the most stylish and flattering pieces of clothing that you can own. Wear with jeans for a casual look or tailored trousers for work. You can even wear with a little dress for the evening.

Floral Shift Dresses - bright florals, romantic florals and ditsy florals all come back into fashion year after year. Pick yourself a simple shift dress for the most timeless style.

Classic clothing is also great for swapping, buying and selling second hand.

Which classic pieces do you love?

New Fashion - Old Clothes

Monday, January 24th, 2011

The great thing about swapping and buying second hand clothes is that although you might not be buying the latest designer collection, if you know what to look for you can find some great pieces that work perfectly with the seasons new fashion.

Get some fashion inspiration for your swapping and shopping with these 5 trends for SS11.

Stripes - stripes are one of those looks that are always on trend. For SS11 they featured heavily in the Prada collection, a sure sign that they are going to be huge for SS11.

Floral Prints - another look that never really goes out of fashion floral prints just keep on coming back. There were some amazingly bright and colourful prints featured on the catwalk at D&G for SS11.

Bright Colours - the perfect way to get yourself noticed bright colours were the perfect contrast the neutral colours that have become so popular recently. Look out for neons and juicy citrus colours to brighten up your spring wardrobe.

Maxi Skirts - hemlines will be moving downwards for the spring with long ankle length and mid calf length skirts and dresses. As maxi dresses have been popular for some time now there are likely to be some great second hand choices available.

The Seventies - the seventies will have a huge influence o Spring fashion with flare, maxi’s and pussycat bow blouses all featuring. Also watch out for that Studio 54 disco style.

For more ideas on trends for the season ahead check out

Sustainable clothes - the Posh Swaps way

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

There has been a lot of talk lately about sustainable clothes and eco fashion. Every day a new brand emerges that is in some better for the environment than conventional clothing and usually more ethically produced. But with fast fashion and the culture of buying cheaply (and often unethically) made high fashion clothing still highly popular and ‘environmental green washing’ becoming the new in phrase, what really can be done to make clothing more sustainable?

At Posh Swaps we believe that there is no right or wrong way to become more sustainable, anything that we can do, no matter how small is a positive step in the right direction. But there are some things that we can do that are likely to have a more positive effect than others.

1. Buy less clothes - it is quite simple really, the less clothes that we buy, the less environmental damage is caused in their manufacture and the less waste we make. Clothes swapping is a great alternative to buying clothes. It allows you to update your wardrobe without having an impact (or a very minimal impact on the environment)

2. Buy second hand clothes- this is the most eco friendly way to buy clothes. There is no additional carbon footprint (except for transport) associated with buying new clothes. But we understand that you cannot always find exactly what you want second hand and will sometimes need to buy new.

3. Buy quality clothes that will last, where possible in Eco friendly fabrics- fabrics made from recycled materials, probably have the smallest footprint as they do not have to be made from scratch. There is also the benefit of having saved materials that may have otherwise ended up in landfill. Other eco friendly fabrics including organic bamboo, cotton and hemp are all better than their conventional alternatives but still have a carbon footprint associated with their growth and manufacture and contribute to the problem of waste so should always be bought to last.

Finally, in order to ensure that your clothing is really sustainable, you should consider its whole life  cycle:

  • Buy clothes to last
  • Wash and dry (or clean) in as eco friendly manner as possible
  • When you no longer need them recycle by selling or donating to charity.

Top Swaps and Second Hand Style

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Spring is on its way and I can’t wait, longer days, warmer weather and a whole new wardrobe. Well actually, just because we are about to move in to a new season, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy a whole wardrobe of new clothes. It is likely that you will already have many items in your wardrobe that fit in with the seasons new trends or some really classic items that never go out of fashion. If you really don’t have anything or are in desperate need of an updated look why not try swapping some of your old clothes or buying some second hand clothes? Not only is it environmentally friendly, but you are likely to get more style for your money and will be able to afford better quality that will last for seasons to come. Here are my tp 5 items to swap or but second hand this spring.

black and white tweed jacket

Tailored Jackets - for a really up to date look, try wearing a tailored jacket with jeans or a t shirt and pencil skirt. Tailored jackets are a great secondhand buy as they have usually only had light wear. They are also usually quite flattering. I love this black and white tweed jacket which would look great over a really bright pink t shirt.

trench coat mac

Trench Coat - this is one of those pieces of clothing that just keeps coming back into fashion time and time again. In fact, I am not really sure if it ever really goes out of fashion. It is classic, versatile and practical. I love this purple mac, it will work equally well for daytime or evening.


Unusual Jewellery - an unusual piece of jewellery is a great way to update and finish an outfit, add interest and stand out from the crowd. By wearing something unusual, you will not need to worry about following trends, you will be unique. I love these sweet earrings, they would look great with a bright green, pink or blue top or dress.

mulberry messenger bag

Leather Handbag - a good leather handbag will become better with age. A designer bag is always a good investment buy whether it is new or secondhand. This brown Mulberry messenger bag is the perfect colour and style to go with almost any casual spring outfit.

notte marchesa gown

Designer Dress - the great thing about a second hand designer dress is that it is a fraction of its price new but is likely to have been well looked after and in good condition. This Notte by Marchesa Gown will really turn heads at parties, weddings and other events over the summer.

Second hand clothes - what goes around comes around

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

I am a firm believer that most trends come back again and again there are very few completely new trends that appear. This means that if you love second hand clothes, no one will ever know that you are wearing second hand clothes. In teh long term look at the vintage trend, clothes from the forties, fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties regularly come into fashion. In the shorter term, the same trends come back year after year.

There really is no need to buy brand new clothes each season to keep up with fashions. Just take for example the key trends for this autumn and winter of black and white tweed.

Alexander McQueen AW09

Pringle AW09

Alexander Wang AW09

pictures from

You need look no further than for a great second hand version.

Black and white tweed jacket

Swap and sell your old designer clothes

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

silk missoni dress clothes swap

Silk Missoni Dress

Do you love wearing designer clothes? Most of us would love to be able to fill our wardrobes with lovely designer clothes each season, but in reality there are only a few who actually have enough money to do so. With the recession hitting many of us and our clothes spend, don’t despair, you can still have a great designer clothes filled wardrobe without filling for bankruptcy.

Investing in second hand designer clothes or swapping your old designer clothes is a much better way to look stylish on a budget than resorting to fast fashion clothes that are not good for the environment and are sometimes produced unethically. They are often poorly made in inferior fabrics and it will show when you wear them.

Firstly you should sort through any designer clothes that you no longer wear. These can then be listed on a clothes swapping website like All that you need is a photograph of the item and as much information as possible about it including the size, designer, fabric and details of the condition. It can also be useful to take a photograph of the label to show that the item is genuine.

Then comes the fun part. Browse for some lovely clothes that you would like and propose a swap or to buy.

Sell your Old Wedding Dress as Second Hand

Friday, June 12th, 2009

I hope that you had a very lovely wedding day and have lots of lovely wedding photos to remember it by. Many people decide to keep their wedding dress for sentimental reasons but if you are not that sentimental about a piece of clothing or you don’t have space to store it, then selling a second hand wedding dress is a great way to ensure that someone else gets as much benefit from it as you have done. You also will get some money back and I am sure that most newly weds could do with that.

If you leave your wedding dress boxed up in your loft, there is a chance that it will get moth eaten or ruined. Are you ever going to use it again? I am thinking probably and hopefully not (not as a wedding dress anyway). So why not sell your wedding dress. It is very simple, first of all take three picture of the dress including one full length, plus two more of either the back view or close ups of the detail. Then set up and an account with and list the dress. Give as much information about the dress as you can.

You will also need to decide on a price . This will depend on how much  it cost new as well as it’s condition. As a general rule, if it is in excellent condition, it would be reasonable to charge about 50% of it’s new price, but it is really up to you.

Don’t forget to link to your listing from any blogs, social networks or fashion forum to give it maximum exposure on the search engines.

Oxfam DIY Refashion

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Everyone is refashioning at the moment, obviously the word is getting out that you can get some really amazing clothes using second hand and vintage items. Oxfam has just opened a DIY store in its Camden shop with unique creations made from second hand. Top designer and styling Mrs Jones has revamped the store into retro heaven which has become an oasis of style for trendsetters and vintage enthusiasts.

Mrs Jones who is a stylist to the celebrities including The Killers, Kylie, Scissor Sisters and Goldfrapp has created a limited edition collection of only 30 reinvented Oxfam pieces that will be on sale in the shop and online soon. The shop opened on Saturday with a series of DIY workshops run by the stylist herself.

If you can’t get along to the store, you can always have a go at refashioning some second hand clothes yourself with their DIY tutorial on how to turn jeans into a skirt. You can also get some ideas from their sidewalk to catwalk gallery.

Mary Queen of Charity Shops

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

I really enjoyed watching Mary Queen of Shops last night, when Mary had the unenviable task of sprucing up a charity shop in Orpington Kent. Not only was I interested to see the challenges that Mary faced trying  to apply her vast skills and experience of high end retail to charity retail with a team of dedicated volunteers to manage through the change process, but I was also really pleased to see that second hand clothes were being valued and not labelled as just a load of old rubbish. Mary has helped to change the perception of many people to buying second hand clothes in charity shops. The thought of getting a Jimmy Choo handbag at a fraction of it’s original price is bound to see fashionistas flocking to their local charity shops.

I loved the way that she change the look of the charity to shop to give the feeling of a vibrant market place and made sure that the clothes were sold at their real value. Even the fact that charity shops were chosen as a subject for the programme shows the growing interest in second hand and vintage clothes in the fashion world. When Mary said that charity shops had untapped potential she is only saying what many second hand and vintage enthusiasts have been thinking for years. Buy jazzing up charity shops (and I hope many more will follow suit), she may be pushing up the prices of second hand clothes but more importantly, she is opeing up charity shop shopping to a whole new group of shoppers, who are not serious rummagers but like their clothes to be arranged neatly in size order.

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