Snow Boots By El Naturalista

The snow has arrived leaving many of us completely unprepared. For the artic like conditions that we are experiencing in the UK at the moment, the most practical type of footwear has to be warm boots with a good grip. In deep snow taller styles of boot are a good choice. For some it is also important no matter what the weather that they have a minimal impact on the environment.

The eco brand El Naturalista at Spartoo make the perfect eco friendly shoes for winter and keeping warm in the snow. All of the designs are concieved with the greatest respect for the environment using materials like vegetable tanned leather and natural rubber. They also have practical and comfortable soles (these boots were made for walking!).

Organico Fimi

This boot has a sheepskin lining and attractive lacing detail. It is also gathered at the top to keep your feet extra warm.

Inuit Fogh

This traditional style of laced up boot is inpired by the Inuit and so perfect for the colder weather.

Nido Trambu

For a more versatile style of boot that will work for more than just snow and cold weather.

Looking stylish in the snow can be a difficult task. But a great pair of boots to tuck your trousers in to can help you to look incredibly stylish. They will also help to stop you slipping over on the ice (not a stylish look)


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