10 Great Reasons to Swap Your Clothes

If you haven’t yet joined in with the frugal, environmentally friendly and highly addictive (in a good way) trend for clothes swapping. What is to stop you? With parties for those who like social shopping and clothes swap websites for those who prefer to browse online, there is something for everyone. Here are 10 great reason to get swapping:

1. You can ensure that you have a balanced wardrobe with the right amount of different types of clothes to suit your lifestyle.

2. You can ensure that you have a wardrobe full of clothes that you really love.

3. You never need to get bored with your clothes, you can swap them as often as you like.

4. You can try out new looks that you never would have tried before.

5. You can help to reduce the amount of clothes and textiles going into landfill each year by recycling or swapping your clothes.

6. You can reduce environmental impact associated with the manufacture of new clothes by swapping instead of buying new clothes.

7. What better excuse for a spot of socialising than a clothes swap or swishing party.

8. You can save yourself lots if money by swapping instead of buying new.

9. You can feel happy that the expensive suit you bought last year for a wedding will get loved by someone as much as you loved it.

10.  You can avoid getting a cluttered and over crowded wardrobe by always removing an item before replacing with something new.


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